Coffee Sustainability
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Tackling deforestation and building resiliance to climate change

Increasing climate temperatures can have a significant impact on coffee production. Equally, as with some other supply chains in emerging markets, low incomes among smallholder coffee growers can mean that they encroach into forest to grow more coffee to increase yields.

Olam Coffee plantation surrounded by a vista of mountains, Tanzania.

Olam coffee certifications, programmes and codes

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Estates, Concessions and Farms Code

Coffee case studies

Growing sustainable coffee

Explore how to grow sustainable coffee through our video filmed in West Java, Indonesia.
Sun drying coffee on plastic mats and in poly tunnels in West Java, Indonesia, part of our sustainable coffee initiative.

Promoting Climate-Resilient Agriculture

In Mt Elgon, Uganda, Olam Coffee has introduced the Stepwise Approach to make adopting recommended practices more affordable and less overwhelming for farmers.
Promoting Climate-Resilient Agriculture

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