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We produce natural sesame for use in oil crushing, sortex and sesame powder as well as hulled sesame for commercial baking and condiments. We source from small- and large-scale sesame farmers in all main producing countries, focusing on traceable tonnage. The seeds pass our stringent quality checks before they are accepted into our system. We work directly with farmers to improve yields, quality and incomes.

In Nigeria and Turkey, we have state-of-the-art facilities where we process sesame and related products, such as tahini, in line with customer requirements. We are a leading supplier to Japan, the most demanding market as regards food safety standards.

Together with offices in our sesame origins and processing facilities, we also maintain marketing offices in China, Dubai, Singapore, Rotterdam, India, Turkey and the USA, allowing us to deliver comprehensive service to our customers.

Although sesame is usually grown in Asian and Latin American countries, Africa accounts for about a third of the global sesame production and contributes about 70% to the global trade, a share that continues to grow.

We are based in all of the big sesame-producing areas where we buy seeds from small-scale and large-scale farmers, cooperatives and collectors. Our network ensures we are the most cost-effective and quality buyer, communicating directly with farmers to ensure good quality output.

Through our experience in sustainabiity programme management, and by establishing strategic partnership between stakeholders such as government agencies, NGOs, and the wider farming community, we help facilitate the flow of information, knowledge and technology to improve yields, quality and incomes.

We have procurement offices across Africa and in India. In addition, we also have representatives and agents in other origins including Ethiopia.

In most of the locations where we operate, sesame seeds are harvested manually and separated from their husks using traditional methods. Seeds produced this way can contain impurities, so we have set up primary cleaning centres.

This investment allows us to assure our buyers that they are guaranteed clean sesame for use in their applications. For applications that require a hulled or edible grade sesame, we have processing plants in the sesame-growing countries. The product from these factilities are ready to be used as ingredients in kitchens and bakeries.

We have also established product testing programmes in-house. We have an Aflatoxin testing facility in Africa, which is rare in the industry and offers further assurance to our customers through our rigorous safety and quality protocols.

Sagamu Processing Plant - Nigeria

Olam’s mechanical processing plant in Sagamu, was commissioned in 2014 and has gone on to win safety awards from the Ministry of Labour and the National Industrial Safety Council. The FSSC22000 certified facility provides hulled sesame as well as cleaned, sortexed natural sesame. It is the largest sesame processing facility in Africa allowing us to deliver high quality at scale to our customers.

Samsun Processing Plant - Turkey

In Samsun, Northern Turkey, Olam acquired a sesame processing plant from Ahenk, a leading producer of tahini paste. The site was commissioned in 2017 and following significant investment and the creation of an R and D centre, we offer our customers tailor made recipes and blends from multiple origins which deliver the best value without compromising on profile.

Tahini is popular in Asian, Middle Eastern and European Cuisines; however it is increasing in popularity worldwide. 

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We offer almonds, cashews, chia, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, sesame and walnuts. 

“Between our sourcing and processing capabilities, along with a deep knowledge of our customer requirements, we are able to offer the most suitable sesame seeds for each customer’s specific use.”

Sanjeev Sharma
Senior Vice President, Sesame

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